AirSuite™ Glance

Intelligent environmental monitoring device


Industrial Design
Design for Manufacture DFM


2023 Best Awards

AirSuite™ Glance sensors are the next generation of intelligent environmental monitoring devices designed to monitor the conditions in a wide range of environments, including homes, schools, offices, healthcare facilities, and early childhood education (ECE) centres.

4DESIGN was commissioned to create a sophisticated industrial design that seamlessly blends into any context, as well as engineer the device for manufacture.

AirSuite’s smart sensors enhance environments to promote optimal learning and productivity outcomes. Numerous studies have shown that factors such as noise, temperature, air quality, and humidity significantly impact academic and productivity performance. With AirSuite, you have a simple and efficient solution that offers easy installation and a user-friendly interface.

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Intelligent air monitoring system

  • Hidden passive airflow design
  • Easy install with a bayonet system
  • Elegant Design Silhouette
  • Low consumption E-INK display
  • 5 Year battery life
  • Realtime connectivity