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Best Awards 2023

In the rapidly emerging world of electric assisted mountain bikes many components have been inherited from traditional bikes without fully understanding the ergonomic and performance implications.
With the development of the FORX range of cranks we have addressed this and tailored the Cranks to improve bike performance and rider comfort, safety and confidence.

The Forx cranks have unique length and shape that no only improves electric motor performance through improved cadence and also providing a more natural ‘Q-Factor’ better ankle clearance and less knee, hip, back strain and less ‘crank strikes’. – it’s a game changer. These fundamental design changes allows for greatly improved rider experience.

Made from aircraft 7075 aluminium grade CNC’d to extremely tight tolerances our design draws on the engineering performance of a honey comb beauty that greatly reduces the weight of the cranks but also provides a strong well balance underfoot experience and an ebike crank that looks great and fits well into the design languages often found in the eMTB world.

Designed by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers. EBike cranks specifically designed for the next level in mountain ebikes. Ride hard and safe with confidence.
Proudly designed and tested in the mountains of Queenstown New Zealand.

Buy now at: https://forx.bike


  • Short Crank with advanced ergonomics
  • Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminium
  • Advanced Engineering