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Pinpoint makes personal locating easy in various situations including outdoor pursuits such as tramping, hunting and fishing. The technology requires no activation and relies on an intention system making it safer than a typical PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) that must be activated manually. Device relies on a low energy RF system that runs in the cloud rather than satellite.


4DESIGN worked closely with the client – Trent Anderson and electronics firm Tussock to help develop this product and system.


“We use 4Design in Queenstown, they have been just absolutely fantastic. They’ve not only done an amazing job on our designs, but when I talked to them I could pretty much tell straight away that they were people I can relate with. You know, it’s like a relationship you either love them or… you don’t like them so much.. and I treat business like that. I have this real this gut feeling. And if I’m unsure. If my gut is a bit iffy about it, I’ll go the other way.

They were involved and understood the project and where my direction was. Plus, they knew it was beneficial to them to help me out in the sense that if they think something’s not going to work, they bring it to light for me and offer alternatives, opposed to letting me spend the money to have it not work”.