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Best Design Awards Winner 2012

SNOLO offers innovation in sledding through styling, construction, performance and maneuverability. This super lightweight and tough sled is constructed from carbon fibre using a F1 style monocoque for maximum strength and lightweight construction.

4design’s client is not a skier or snowboarder but they wanted the ‘high octane’ excitement these sports provide combined with the fun of sledding, control and performance. The client tested many ideas before finally approaching 4DESIGN with the challenge to design and produce the snolo. the concept was to design a sled where the rider leans it into a corner like a motorcyclist whilst seated in an race car position.

The Snolo is fast but it can also be ridden slowly, simply by turning the front ski with your feet to dampen speed. The snolo has been designed and engineered to fold it up into a backpack for easy carrying.

This high performance Sled was designed and tested over two years in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Available online at snolosleds.com

“Shaping a childs past time into and serious play toy”


Best Design Awards Winner 2012