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The Scion transforms traditional sledding into a controllable, gravity-powered adrenalin rush like no other. Inspired by motorcycle and F1 race car design, the Scion sled will carve the mountain as  gracefully or aggressively as you can handle.

4DESIGN New Zealand worked with Snolo Sleds throughout all phases of the development of the Scion, Sean Boyd – the inventor and owner of Snolo Sleds had a vision for a very tough, lightweight and controllable sled that was affordable and could give users unparalleled control and enjoyment sledding. 4DESIGN delivered just that and the first production tooled sleds are being testing now in Colorado USA with amazing results.

This high performance Sled was designed and tested over two years in Queenstown, New Zealand.


“You can go from carving to slipping and control factor are, I think, second to none. – Chris Thorpe, USA Olympic Medalist”

  • “Shaping a childs pastime into a serious play toy”