You have an idea but don’t know where to start?

4design has a long history of delivering effective solutions to startups and entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with clients across a broad range of sectors ranging from innovative, research based technologies to unique consumer products.  We understand the key factors required to turn your idea or concept into a commercial success.

Each project is different. We see the bigger picture and by leveraging our extensive experience and networks, we can help setup a strategy that brings your concept or product to market in the most cost effective and efficient way. From identifying the risks of your project to selecting the right manufacturing partner we will identify and guide you on the best pathway to commercialisation.

Whats next?

Now that you have your strategy in place, 4design can provide just the guidance you need to keep you on track. We understand the competing demands of your customers, investors, manufacturing and distribution partners. We can you put the right plans in place to keep your focus clear and allow your business to succeed.

Where can I find support partners?

At 4design we can help you gain access to government grants and tax incentives to help your business continue to grow and innovate. We’re a registered Global Experts with New Zealand R&D funding and grants providers. Working with 4design means that you can have the confidence that our service is of high quality and certified for you to be eligible for the R&D tax incentive.

Our strategic partnerships can put you in touch with people and networks passionate about technology and innovation.

Depending on your product or concept, crowdfunding is another source of funding to consider. 4design together with Emotiv secured over $1.6 million USD in funding with Kickstarter.


How do I protect my product?

Your intellectual property is an important business asset, knowing how to protect it is crucial to your success. 4design can help you understand the different levels of protection available to you and guide you in the right strategy to protect your idea or product.

Strategies like ‘first to market’ and ‘exit strategies’ all affect your I.P protection planning strategies. Talk to us, as we have the experience to provide solid guidance.

The right support for you

4design prides itself on building lasting relationships with our clients, one where they succeed and return to us for their next project. Working with 4design means that you will have a partner and collaborator every step of the way. Our award-winning design services are recognised globally and you can be rest assured that no detail is overlooked.

Some of our design services include